Ally the Fiddle - Progressive Violin Rock/Metal

Workshop for Electric Violin in Pforzheim

Event Details

“Come in and find out” – I am going to give a workshop in Music Store Steinbrecher.

Beside playing a couple of pieces on an electric violin I will tell you all about my experiences and philosophy regarding this beautiful instrument. Since it is not a bad version of an acoustic violin but an own instrument with its own sound and qualities.

You are of course welcome to give me all your questions and I will take all time to answer it.

Afterwards you are invited to try out the instruments in the shop. As well as the amplifications and effects.


You don’t need to have any experience in violin playing yet.


> Our special offer: if you participate in the workshop you would get 10,00€ off for our concert tickets for the same evening, when we are playing with Ally the Fiddle in Remchingen/Nöttingen <<