Ally the Fiddle - Progressive Violin Rock/Metal

RELEASE & tour

Finally we are able to announce a RELEASE date for our UPcoming album “UP”:

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Therefore we will have a small Pre Release Tour at Aug 30 in Frankfurt/M, at Aug 31 in Hameln, at Sep 1 in Kaköhl and will perform at our RELEASE PARTY on Sep 2 in Berlin!!!

As support we are glad to announce the band “Canterra” (Symphonic Metal) from Leipzig

“Canterra”, as photographed by Andraj Sonnenkalb


First the final mix, now the master.

Henk Westland, our irreplaceable sound engineer, went to Bremen for mastering our album with his versatile studio partner Marco Nola and their come out is incredible! They managed to bring all facets of the composition, the variety and mass of instruments and vocals to life; the band became pure Rock’n Roll.

Only a few little corrections and the album “UP” is ready!!

Marco Nola in Bremen.


Ally while making the last few corrections in Berlin at Henk Westland’s.

The final mix

Now it took such a while, but it was worth it! Finally Ally is in Henk’s studio to do the final mixes!! Why it took so long, you might ask. For sure it had lots to do with the extent of the production: beside a normal rock band guests and soloists recorded their lines, every single choir voice and every single orchestra instrument was solely recorded and afterwards everything edited, edited, edited – until it became a unison.

Now Ally is allowed to give everything a last polish and then we hope to receive the master for our new album very soon to give it to our record label!!!

Chapman Stick, Vocals and Alf

The past days have been very exciting for “Ally The Fiddle“! First our new musician and Chapman Stick player Rouven joined us to bring some excellent new sounds on the upcoming album, then Ally was singing all needed vocal parts and last but not least our friend Alf Ator (Knorkator) joined us for a few choir sounds to make the final song of the album complete. Thanks to everyone for this very intense week!! Especially to Henk, the master on the faders.

Enjoying the evening after a hard day of work: Band, Family and Friends.

Alf Ator (Knorkator)

Our guest: Buzz Dee

A gorgeous guest for our upcoming album “UP”: Sebastian Baur (Knorkator, Monokel…) lends one of our songs his incredible voice!


f.l.: Sebastian Baur, Ally Storch, Henk Westland (sound engineer)


Unfortunately we are not able to deliver your items until January, because Ally is on tour until December 30 2016 with Subway To Sally. We furtherer take your orders, but send your items from January 2 2017. We hope you will understand!


“The New One” for Subway To Sally

Finally officially: “Ally The Fiddle” head Ally Storch is the new violinist of the legendary german rock/metal band “Subway To Sally”!:


We are very, very glad!!! – And there is nothing to fear; “Ally The Fiddle” will of course continue their work! :) We are eventually still in studio for our upcoming album “UP”!