Rostock cancelled – REPLACEMENT SHOW

Actually I am surprised, sad and confused.
Because we were so much looking forward to playing this concert!

Last Saturday I cancelled the show (by agreement with my band and our booker). My booker and I were asking several times for our contract which had arrived the club weeks ago. Still there is no signed one.

Obviously times have changed. Promoters are waiting for a good pre-sale before they allow us musicians to play. After we both sides agreed to have a mutual concert. I don’t think that would be a fair behavior and therefore we do work with contracts. We are planning and investing; practice, rehearse, invest in promotion and in time, have sometimes long distance travels, have to plan our families… and we love to do that for our music and for you! But not for the goodwill of a promoter who decides possibly one day before the show to cancel. Without any compensation.

Why ever the team of the “Ursprung” did not send the contract:

we will NOT play on Saturday, March 16!

But we hurry to find a REPLACEMENT SHOW in Rostock. But at a different location.

Now we hope you could follow my decision and we will meet at the replacement show. :)
If you bought a ticket already, please contact the “Ursprung” to get it back.

Love, Ally