What a year! – Many thanks!!!

Despite the fact, that we didn’t play a lot last year many things happened: Rouven (Chapman Stick) played his Bachelor concert very successfully. Robert (Lead Guitar) accompanied German Gothic legend Joachim Witt a whole year on stage. And Ally (Violin/Vocals) was allowed to get discovered by a couple of companies and to sign some endorsement contracts – beside the presentation of Subway to Sally’s latest album “Hey!”. She is now one of the faces for Fidelius (electric violins by Uli Schwabe), Carbon Klang (finest acoustic instruments from carbon fibre), Gewa Strings (German manufacturer with the brillant electric violin “Novita 3.0” in their collection) and the famous string manufacturer Thomastik-Infeld.

We are very grateful for all the trust in us, in the love we meet in your concerts and for the big engagement of everyone who helps us going our way! Like our booking agent Booker Jens Frerichs (Crush Concerts), our record label Gentle Art of Music, Henk Westland (sound engineer), Alexandra Kamel (sound engineer), Mobile Space (car rent), accademy Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock (we used their rehearsing room several times), our promoters, colleagues and our endorsers.

May you all enjoy wonderful holidays and face a year 2020 which offers just the very best for you! – And we are looking much forward to new adventures next year together with you!!!