New and unique

We didn’t hear for a long time. And are for sure tired of this daily and exhausting theme.

Long story short: we did cancel all shows for this year and will not be able to play live in the near future. Because we are simply lacking the financial background for live adventures.

But since today we are offering a new item in our shop. (The shop is still in German only, but I guess you can follow. – If not, please contact me!)
The incredible artist Timo Wuerz painted a portrait of mine to surprise me. He thought it could be used to collect money, since I was owing my band a gage, which was never be paid by one promoter. And would never get payed due to the current circumstances. But we got the money really fast from lots of donations. So I didn’t need to give my picture away.

Meanwhile I ordered art prints of this picture. To lead it to its destination at least. So if you are purchasing one, you will actively support the art and culture landscape. The profit from selling this item goes directly to an artist, project, ensemble etc..

Click here:

See you there! – Ally