With „UP“ the band releases its first album with record label „Gentle Art of Music”.

This time the band can show much more of its skills and enjoy guests like Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson…), Jen Majura (Evanesence), Benni Cellini (Letzte Instanz), Sebastian Baur [Buzz Dee] (Knorkator, Monokel…), Felix Wiegand [Phil X. Henson] (Dick Brave and the Backbeats…) and Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Flock…)!!!

The new instrument Chapman Stick is supported as well in some of the new songs and the album contains finally the tune „Surfing with the Alien“ by Joe Satriani (as only cover song + bonus track), which is always a “burner” in the band’s live shows.




The One” (2013)

With „The One“ the band releases the first time a complete album. Progressive, elegiac – and first time with vocals.

As guests „Ally the Fiddle“ invited Thomas Zöller („Asps Von Zaubererbrüdern“) with arabic sounding woodwinds and Herrn Comte Caspar („Coppelius“), who played a unique clarinet solo. Fans and friends financed this album via Crowdfunding – many thanks!

  1. Eleven Swans (after a fairy tale of H. Ch. Andersen) 2:57
  2. Come with me 3:23
  3. On the Water 5:03
  4. Don’t wake me up 4:51
  5. The One 5:59
  6. Lost at the Gates 6:15
  7. Distance 5:48
  8. Abandoned 6:23
  9. τ 2:15

The Crumbling Autumn” (2011)

With this single the band tries some harder tones and creates with „Crumbling Autumn“ one of the band’s own hits.

  1. The Crumbling Autumn 9:46
  2. When Summer Falls (Celtas Cortas) 3:50
The Debut-CD

Red Unicorn” (2008)

A pure instrumental EP, still in the sense of Folk-Rock/Metal. But already audible: „Days of Thunder“ points to the later movement of the band into a more progressive direction.

  1. Catharsis
  2. Glenglass
  3. Mason´s Apron
  4. Days of Thunder
  5. Red Unicorn