Ally the Fiddle - Progressive Violin Rock/Metal

Our guest: Buzz Dee

A gorgeous guest for our upcoming album “UP”: Sebastian Baur (Knorkator, Monokel…) lends one of our songs his incredible voice!


f.l.: Sebastian Baur, Ally Storch, Henk Westland (sound engineer)


Unfortunately we are not able to deliver your items until January, because Ally is on tour until December 30 2016 with Subway To Sally. We furtherer take your orders, but send your items from January 2 2017. We hope you will understand!


“The New One” for Subway To Sally

Finally officially: “Ally The Fiddle” head Ally Storch is the new violinist of the legendary german rock/metal band “Subway To Sally”!:


We are very, very glad!!! – And there is nothing to fear; “Ally The Fiddle” will of course continue their work! :) We are eventually still in studio for our upcoming album “UP”!


Postponing the release

Now what to say: We announced our new album to be released in Fall 2016 – now there is winter. Two reasons, why we could not hold our deadline:

First reason: Our studio postponed our appointment, so we started months later than planned.

Second reason: Well… Ally’s compositions are way more complex than planned and our sound engineer is at least so very precise in his work, that studio and editing sessions take much longer than expected.

BUT we are very happy about it! Because our sound engineer puts so much love into it and we are offered new opportunities, like not expected guest musicians and instruments for the new album! And MANY THANKS to our record label “Gentle Art Of Music” for giving us all freedom to make this album really a remarkable one!!!

First studio snippet

Band Leaser Ally Storch in Studio for the upcoming album “UP” with her song “The Path”. Nobody less than Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, The Arostocrats) was playing the drum parts.

Recording: Henning “Henk” Westland (Knorkator)

Label: Gentle Art Of Music

Violin by “Fidelius” Electric Violins.

Ally in Studio

With high tension and high expectations Ally is now in studio for the new album for eight hours the day! The new album will be again more progressive and of course more beautiful than anything before ;) and will have again marvelous guest soloists.

Ally the Fiddle: the new album “UP”, recorded with Henning Westland (Knorkator) in Berlin, will be released with “Gentle Art Of Music” (Panzerballett, Sylvan, Crystal Palace…).


(The violin in the picture was lent by Fidelius Electric Violins.)

Guest Musician 1

Time comes up to introduce the marvelous guest musicians, which will participate in our new album.
One of the most stunning slap bass player and an expert for true Rock’n Roll will play a neck breaking solo for our new song “Sisyphos”.

Ally’s wonderful colleague Phil X. Hanson (Felix Wiegand), bassist of “Dick Brave and the Backbeats” (Sasha)!!!


Subway To Sally

This sommer “Ally The Fiddle” head Ally Storch is honored to replace Frau Schmitt for “Subway To Sally“.


“An announcement regarding Frau Schmitt: she decided to take a time out after a life full of Rock’n Roll for 24 years now and hope to have her with us very soon again. Until this moment she will be replaced by Ally Storch.