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  Poster  download, January 2021 “[…]Now I received the second album production of „Ally the Fiddle“. Its name is ‘Up’ and ultimately convinced me of Ally.”

“The following ‚Aphotic Zone‘ brings out the virtuoso violin play the fullest. Structures nested multiple times which combine classical elements and Progressive Rock create a piece of music, which is a perfect example for the variety of Ally’s music.”

“And as the last note faded away I had the feeling I needed to listen to the album immediately again. ‘Up’ sticks out from similar album productions. It convinces from Ally Storch’s tremendous musicality and her amazingly virtuoso violin played and used.” – Article about Ally Storch by Klaus Linke

The whole review (in German):, 21st November 2013 “[…] Studied violinist Ally found an excellent musical partner in guitarist Robert Klawonn. So they enlightened some real fireworks on stage with their violin and guitar solos, sometimes in the spirit of Folk, sometimes in Metal sounds. Robert’s manner to play shows his incredible high technical skills. Fast fingers and his taste of a unique guitar sound are his trademarks. […] ‘Come with me’ of the actual CD has been the first track this evening, where Ally was singing. This is something new and something enriching for the band, which had only instrumental songs in it’s setlist. With her pleasant voice, sometimes bright, sometimes really deep, she gives her own compositions a new sound color. But the main color sill comes from her string instrments, the violin and the 5 string violin, which was uniquely crafted for her. […] Ally and her guys managed to increase the mood in the audience from the very beginning and to raise it high. The band’s incredible joy of playing immediately entered the audience… […] All that’s left to say is, that I furthermore wish a successful career for the band. They deserve it!” – Concert review about “The One” by Bodo Kubatzki

The whole review (in German):

Zillo Medieval, November/Dezember 2013 (Nr. 11/13) “Violin virtuoso Ally is still no white sheet in the wide world of music. […] With ‘The One’ she made her third studio album, but uses the first time her vocal cords beside her strings. Two electric guitars, one bassist and a drummer support her, so the violin in the centre of the music is carried on the foundation of a real rock band. That works that well (like for instance in the impulsive ‘On the Water’), that headbangers as well as folk listeners, violin lovers or open minded music addicted in general will be enchanted. Real rock and detailed classics are in harmony, are inspired by other stylistic genres. The still unusal vocals are mainly embedded into the whole sound, but could have there and fro a bit more brilliance and dynamic.” – CD review about “The One” by Sailer

Orkus!, November/Dezember 2013 (Nr. 11/12) + January 2014 (Nr. 01) “[…] Doomy ballads, light, nearly ‘poppy’ tracks like ‘Come with me’  or impulsive songs like ‘Distance’ – always audible joy of playing, lively played string instruments and rocky/metal sounds tear their audience into a complex universe which offers always new, high technical skills, melancholy or joy, inviting to listen and to some wild dance. Additional this is the first time that Ally appears as singer. The lyrics add anew dimension to the already engrossing instrumental tracks. So ‘The One’ is predestined to raise Ally the Fiddle in their level of being knon and loved… and, besides, just a great album.” – CD review about “The One” by Axel Schön

Zillo Musikmagazin, Oktober 2013 (Nr. 10/13) “[…] So she also dares a brave step with her third album ‘The One’ and tries to unite doomy ballads, ear hugging hymns and progressive rock – always with the violin in the focus. Completely new: now she also uses her voice cords. ‘Of course the violin will still be in the focus’, Ally reassures her fans. ‘Of course she has now to share the attention, but therefore she gets more room for style and sound. I often proclaim to raise the violin out of her classical context. Additional I hope to go on the way and spread the word of inspiration and joy of making music.’ Many wishes, which ones she was absolutely able to make true with her colorful new album.” – about “The One” by Peter “Pöda” Sailer

Actual CD review to “The Crumbling Autumn” on “Der gute Ton” (in german), April 2012

A radio interview with Ally Storch (to the interview)

Von Wolfgang Hesse, “Schandmaul” concert in Erfurt, April 2012

Zillo Medieval, June/ July 2012 (06/12)

“Ally the Fiddle – not to viruoso”

“Her intension for the soloist project she summarizes shortly: `I wanted to show which variety of sound a violin might contain`, …”

“My music needs to have a soul. I don´t want to play only virtuoso stuff on my violin just to show, how fast my fingers may run and how well I dominate my instrument.” – an interview by Siegfried Maier

violin play for match “Already at the first tone of Ally the Fiddle is clear, that there is playing a band, that will be integrated seamlessly into the evening. Folkrock, Metal-elements, interspersed through irish influences, is presented by the sympathetic Ally on her violin, who is supported by musicians who all understand their instrumental craft and are visibly having fun on stage.

The mutually inspiration of the musicians is noticeable. Also Ally is floating over the stage and always moving through her men. This sparkle jumps to the audience very fast, so tumultuous applause is waving already after the first song to the long haired Rostock.

At this evening the violist also has a song in her luggage where she not only the violin gives a voice, but also her own one. Therefore she harvests the double of recognition in the hall. After good half an hour a visibly satisfied band wishes much fun with ASP.” – Wolfgang Hesse,, about a support gig of “Ally the Fiddle” at ASP “fremd II”-Tour. 2012

Get ready to roll – an interview from 2011

“German instrumental folk metallers ALLY THE FIDDLE caught the attention of classic rock audiences in June 2011 when they toured as special guests of UFO.”

Read the interview

Metal Hammer 08/ 09 “A pure unstrumental album is always a risc – but Ally the Fiddle […] know how to handle it. Listening to the five songs of RED UNICORN you will see very soon, that there is no voice needed, because Ally´s violin play makes it all with it´s beautiful melodies. Also the compialtion with theses metal instruments is a good choice: pushing guitars and deep basses match perfectly with the gentle violin. Softness meets hardness and takes the listeners into a mystical irish world full of bonfire evening, leprechauns and unicorns.” – Simone Bösch, Metal Hammer, August 2009    

Bit by bit growing “´Once I said to myself, whenever I had the chance to play on ´Wacken´stage, I will stop making music´, means Ally. If she would have done so, she would not play violin anymore.” Dana Be., Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten, March 11, 2009

Rostock´s first violin “That Rostock´s musicians can be always good for a surprise is prooved through the uncommon band ALLY THE FIDDLE.” Gesine Schuer, InBöter, October 2008

Translation: Ally Storch